Joseph Nassir is an accomplished and seasoned physician with over 19 years’ experience in Huntington Beach, CA. Dr. Nassir received his degree from University of Medicine of New Jersey. Receiving his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University, California.

Dr. Nassir is in private practice and specializes in Internal Medicine. He is currently on staff at Huntington Beach, Orange Coast Memorial, Fountain Valley, and Hoag Hospitals. Dr. Nassir is currently the Chief-of-Medicine, as well as the medical director of the Behavioral-Depression Unit at Huntington Beach Hospital. Commended for his personal approach and reputable ability on medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, he has established a long-term relationship with his patients

In addition to practicing preventive care, Dr. Nassir’s practice encompasses both in and outpatient care, including various cancer screening, breast exams, and pap smears, as well as performing minor surgery. As the Director of California Huntington Physicians he also has provided 19 years of service in the scope of testings’ and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Dr. Nassir prides on providing guidance and encouragement to his patients throughout the treatment process.